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Unveil Your Story

I can’t think of a better way to honor your marriage than to share how it all started? Your wedding is the one time your entire family and friends get together to honor and celebrate your love story. Even though some time may have passed the best part of your love story is being able to go back in time to relive those tender moments and experiences you shared together. When you have built something together as a couple that makes it much more special. All the experiences and the big and small moments have equaled a lifelong commitment to each other. Your wedding is the grand celebration into this next chapter of your lives. Your love story sets the mood and tone for your special day. Unveiling your story is key in sharing the love you have for your fiancé. One way I have found to be a great way to share your story on your special day is by showing video slides or placing photos throughout the venue for the guest to enjoy. By doing this it includes your guest and gives them an opportunity to be a part of your big day and see just how your relationship begun. Guest are known to fall in love with the couple as they share their story. It makes them feel a sense of connection by hearing their special moments and experiences. The best gift you could leave your future generation is a portion of your legacy which they will see through unveiling your story, thus The Wedding Veil Beyond specializes in helping the wedding couple bring their story to life on their big day.

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