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Unveil Your Day

When you unveil your day, it consists of a ceremonial exchange of vows by two people uniting in marriage where, they both present each other with a symbolic gift of rings in front of family and friends. A minister is brought in to conduct a service of public affirmation based on the couples religious and sometimes cultural background. This exclusive gathering is where the couple wears special wedding attire to commemorate the occasion. The highlight of the wedding is to see the Bride in her wedding dress. There are so many things to unveil on your special day, but it is a known fact that one of the most important reveals to individuals are seeing the bride. Many are invested in how the bride looks; what she’s wearing, how her hair is styled and what her make up looks like. Now that’s not to say that people aren’t interested in what the groom or any of the rest of the bridal party wears or looks like. The ceremony usually gives off a nice aroma and that’s because the venue is draped with a vast number of flowers. Most weddings have prayer, poetry and music to help bring an ambiance to their special day. This day is full of love, fellowship, and where you get to display and share what you may have been planning for a lifetime with your loved ones, so The Wedding Veil and Beyond works with each couple to craft the details that shape the creation of your unforgettable event.


The Wedding Veil and Beyond provides several different options for our clients from our Month of WeddingVeil Month of Services, Full Service WeddingVeilWorks Services and our Wedding VeilBeyond Services. In addition, our company provides wedding planning, coordinating and designing.

Month Of

WeddingVeilMonth of is our Month of package. Our planners are equipped to handle every element of your event. Our Wedding Veil Month of package provides support to our clients the day of the wedding in relieving any and all stress from the couple. We handle everything from receiving vendors, overseeing the setup and ensuring the wedding is executed perfectly. We also make sure your family and friends enjoy your big day but most importantly we are there to overcome any challenges that may arise. Lastly, we are there to relieve any and all stress that may occur on their big day.

Full Service

WeddingVeilWorks is our Full-Service package that provides you with assistance from the day you begin planning to the very end of your Big Day. Whether it’s a destination, micro or a large wedding our wedding planner / coordinator we recognize that our job at is to be an advocate that will provide relief and serenity to our clients during a stressful time. The WVB Coordinators achieve this goal by assisting clients in planning every stage of their special wedding from beginning to end. In addition, we assist in negotiating with vendors in an effort to provide lower prices for our clients. The Wedding VIseil planners and coordinators are committed to providing the client with the most memorable day and the best possible service we can offer.

Weddings Coordination: $3000 and up

Micro Weddings $ 2600.00 and up

Wedding planning: $6000.00 and up



WeddingVeilBeyond is our Beyond package that provides you with assistance with planning an event. The Beyond section of TWVB Covers a wide range of event planning. If you are planning for a Party you came to the right planners. We special in all types of Parties such as birthday parties, children’s parties, holiday parties, retirement parties, milestone parties, themed parties and graduation. If you are looking to do a specialty party let us provide you with, help planning.  We also handle planning for trade shows, conferences, various team building events. Our planners love baby showers. If you’re looking to do something unique for that special mommy to be we can provide you with and extraordinary experience. One of The Wedding Veil and Beyond’s specialty is planning a luxurious spa party before our Brides big day or just to enjoy a day of relaxation with friends and family.

Birthday Parties: $1000.00 and up

Corporate Parties: $5000.00 and up

Holiday Parties: $3000.00 and up

Spa Parties: $600.00 and up

Prices will be based on the event, location, number of guests and what the entirety of the event entails.